12 Days of Christmas 2020

12 Days of Christmas 2020

12 Days of Christmas - Montana Silversmiths Style!

Welcome to December 2, 2020.
The countdown continues with 22.5 days until Christmas Eve! Join us in our own version of the 12 Day of Christmas. Every day, new Montana Silversmiths western jewelry and men's gifts will be highlighted for each of the individual 12 days. These items were chosen because they make great gifts, fun stocking stuffers, special keepsake presents, and can help guide you on your way to perfect gift-giving at Christmas. And a bonus? There will be sweet deals and discounts on these items as the days go on!

*Reminder to order by December 14th to receive by Christmas.

Day 1

On the first day of Christmas, grab a full look. 

All three of these jewelry pieces have sparkly gold and silver-finished features with hand-painted black backgrounds and filigree. All are modern without losing touch of their Western roots. 

Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, grab a piece from our Southwestern Collection or similar Sedona pieces.

The Southwestern feather collection has silver and gold finishing all throughout for strong design. Hand-applied black paint fills the jewelry for a jagged, iconic pattern, adding to the strength of the design. This Western jewelry collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets makes for a great statement piece for any outfit and occasion.



Day 3

On the third day of Christmas, adorn yourself with the best nature-inspired jewelry pieces from Montana Silversmiths. 

Inspired by Nature, the Make Some Waves Collection has a mix of modern and classic designs. All pieces have an oval split down the middle with an outward-facing curve that ends slightly off-center. One side of the oval is engraved with bright-cut swirls that gleam against the other side's deep black hand-painted background. The painted side has a design of multiple sized silver-finished circles, like air bubbles flowing up through darkened waters. 

Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas, lift yourself through our Courage & Strength Collection.

Western jewelry with intricate, geometric patterns that sits atop bright cut traditional engraving with silver-finished feathers. Specific cut-outs create a sideways hourglass spacing that repeats down. The hand-painted black spiral meets a bright silver line sitting in between the etched edging for an expressly southwestern appeal.

Day 5

On the fifth day of Christmas, sparkle for a Saturday Feels-vibe! 

The bar is set high with this open filigree collection. Lots of horizontal bright silver-finished pendants with smooth outer edges and inner open filigree bright-cut lines of scrollwork. The minimal post turquoise earrings add that pop of blue to the look.

Day 6

On the sixth day of Christmas, dress in your Sunday best. 

Our antiqued silver-toned Montana Silversmiths' jewelry contains a charmingly designed cross pendant. At the center of every piece, sits an oval compressed turquoise with a copper stone that adds brilliance to the cross shape, making the statement that our Lord has risen. 

Day 7

On the seventh day of Christmas, remember that love is the reason for the season with our Heart Collection.

Simple, elegant, and completely heartfelt, this collection speaks to the perfectness of love, whether it be parental, romantic, or other. The two-tone heart-shaped pendant has a brushed texture center finished in a bar of bright silver with a smooth line of rose gold finishing the edge. Made in Columbus, MT.

Day 8

On the eighth day of Christmas, go classic Western. 

These earrings hang little gongs on the end that end in a round midnight silver druzy stone wrapped in a silver-toned frame. Pair them with the bracelets and observe how they play with any setting or outfit like music to your ears. 

Day 9

On the ninth day of Christmas, be nostalgic in our Wildflower Collection. 

A beautiful example of bright-cut engraving, this antiqued silver-finished curved jewelry has a romantic, feminine feel. The hand-painted curved bar has a floral design on each end with a flowing scroll winding its way out and towards the middle. The antiqued background makes each engraved cut shine with detail. Made in Columbus, MT.

Day 10

On the tenth day of Christmas, shine in our Rainbow Fall Collection.

Wear all the colors of the rainbow with these dangle earrings and a matching necklace. Brightly colored stones in various hues of the rainbow are set in a bright silver tone. Five stones in rectangles of sunny yellow, crimson red, sky blue, verdant green, and deep ocean blue drop-down on thin rings from a bright silver toned ball. 

Day 11

On the eleventh day of Christmas, reflect on friendship.

One of our most beloved figures, our Between Friends jewelry pieces hold a classic scene of a man and woman with their horses in a yellow gold finish. The scene is emphasized with a hand-painted black background along the bottom all while in the middle of classic old West billfold patterning. Classy and unique, it is perfect for everyday wear. In fact, you might never take it off. 

Day 12

On the last day, the twelveth day of Christmas, celebrate with a Crimson holiday and sparkle with Swarovski® crystals.

Both minimal in design, yet mighty in brightness, get in the spirit with these shining silver finished earrings and necklace. Perfect for when you want to add sparkle and gaiety to your wardrobe. 

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