Eternal Flame Bracelet

Eternal Flame Bracelet Model ImageEternal Flame Bracelet Model Image
Eternal Flame Bracelet Product ImageEternal Flame Bracelet Product Image

Bold colors and intricate designs come together to create a unique look in the Eternal Flame Bracelet. This Western cuff bracelet features a two tone silver and gold design, providing contrast the eye can’t look away from.
The unique diamond cut mirrors the sparkle of crystals, creating an enchanting design. The other side of the cuff bracelet has gold tone classic filigree contrasting the sharp points of the diamond design and creating balance in the piece.
Match the Eternal Flame Bracelet with the necklace and earrings for a look that lasts a lifetime.

Lady of Guadalupe Jewelry Set

Lady of Guadalupe Jewelry Set Model ImageLady of Guadalupe Jewelry Set Model Image
Lady of Guadalupe Jewelry Set Product ImageLady of Guadalupe Jewelry Set Product Image

With the Lady of Gaudalupe set, you can proudly wear a symbol of unwavering faith. The Lady of Guadalupe stands for life, health and hope. Even in the darkest of times you can wear this beautiful gold tone set and remember that hope is everlasting.
The set includes a necklace and earrings of the same design, the stunning sculpted Lady of Guadalupe figure. This piece is hand sculpted allowing for intricate detail and mirrors our Lady of Guadalupe figure that can be featured on our buckles. The design also features antiquing, helping to highlight the details of the Lady of Guadalupe design.

Mountain Majesty Attitude Buckle

Mountain Majesty Attitude Buckle Model ImageMountain Majesty Attitude Buckle Model Image
Mountain Majesty Attitude Buckle Product ImageMountain Majesty Attitude Buckle Product Image

The beauty of the mountains of America has always brought awe to those who are lucky enough to witness them. The Mountain of Majesty Buckle captures the magnificence of these landscapes.
The buckle features a stunning silver tone mountain landscape with antiquing to bring out the details. A gold tone eagle soars over this background with a sun of the same bright tone cresting over the mountain range. The outer edge of the buckle is wrapped with gold tone rope design adding the perfect finishing touch. The Mountain Majesty Buckle is a subtle way to pay tribute to the great United States.

Pride of Mexico Attitude Buckle

Pride of Mexico Attitude Buckle Model ImagePride of Mexico Attitude Buckle Model Image
Pride of Mexico Attitude Buckle Product ImagePride of Mexico Attitude Buckle Product Image

Mexico has a rich history of vaqueros who were some of the first men to wrangle cattle on horseback. This culture eventually became the western cowboy culture that we know and love today.


The Pride of Mexico Buckle features the bold colors of the Mexican flag. In the the center of the flag lies the Mexico Coat of Arms, an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a rattlesnake. The buckle is rectangular and has an incredible gold tone geometric boarder surrounding the flag. This addition helps the buckle truly stand out. The Pride of Mexico Buckle can make the perfect addition to add to your collection.