Freedom Isn't Free Spurs

Freedom Isn't Free Spurs
Freedom Isn't Free Spurs

We are proud to design and produce a special edition set of spurs for WESTrust, Western Endowment Subsistence Trust. The 2024 Freedom Isn’t Free Spurs are the third in a series of custom one-of-a-kind items that we have created and donated to this incredible organization. In 2022 we created a premier custom buckle and in 2023 we commissioned a bronze sculpture to be the raffle headliner, these items netted $25,000 for the WESTrust Fund.

This year we have created the Freedom Isn’t Free Spurs to be raffled to provide funds to support the goal and mission of WESTrust. This organization strives to assist deserving retailers, manufacturers and sales reps who find themselves, or their families, in need due to unexpected catastrophic or medical circumstances. We are immensely proud to support this organization with this donation as they continue to support the people in our industry. (Learn more about WESTrust here.) 

About the Spurs

The 2024 Freedom Isn’t Free Spurs utilize iconic silver artistry and incredible detail while set upon a custom hand-crafted wooden display. This set of spurs is a great inspiration to help “spur one another into good works”. An outline of the United States on the display contains a famous quote from Elmer Davis, “This Nation will remain the land of the free only as long as it is the home of the brave.” This one-of-a-kind art piece is a fully custom set of spurs that have been specifically created to raffle for the WESTrust Fund. Proudly designed, created, and assembled by Montana Silversmiths team of artisans on the banks of the Yellowstone in beautiful Columbus, Montana. Designed with a black nickel Tom Balding spur base, these spurs feature hand-cut sterling and bronze overlay designs.

Where to Buy Raffle Tickets

This special work of art will be raffled off to Trade Show attendees during the January 2024 WESA Trade Show in Dallas, TX. All funds collected from the raffle will be donated to WESTrust to benefit people in need within our industry. The raffle winner will be drawn and announced on Friday evening, January 19th at 5 pm in the Montana Silversmiths showroom.

Raffle Tickets will only be sold at the January 2024 WESA Trade Show. Head to the Montana Silversmiths showroom to purchase. Tickets are $10 per ticket or 15 tickets for $100.  

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