Montana Silversmiths Partners with Folds of Honor

Montana Silversmiths Partners with Folds of Honor

Montana Silversmiths is proud to announce a partnership with Folds of Honor in support of their mission to provide life-changing educational scholarships to the spouses and children of American’s fallen and disabled service-members and first responders. Through this partnership, Montana Silversmiths will donate a portion of all sales from the Coffey Anderson American Made Collection by Montana Silversmiths directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

“Montana Silversmiths is extremely proud and humbled by the opportunity to work with Folds of Honor. Our shared values, patriotism, and mutual admiration and respect for those that serve, make this a very natural partnership. We are inspired by the work that they do and their support of the families of the men and women in uniform that protect and serve our country and communities every day.” Jade Opfer, Chief Revenue Officer

The American Made Collection was created in conjunction with the celebration of Montana Silversmith’s 50th anniversary in collaboration with Coffey Anderson. Coffey is a self-made American country singer-songwriter, internet personality, and reality television star. He is best known for his show “Country Ever After” on Netflix and his hit singles “Mr. Red, White, and Blue.”  Coffey’s patriotism and mutual values of faith, family, and freedom, along with his shared respect and admiration of those who serve and protect our country and communities, spurred the creation of the American Made line and our wish to give back a portion of the sales of this line to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

“Folds of Honor takes great pride in partnering with Montana Silversmiths. It is thanks to partners such as Montana Silversmiths, that we are able to stand in the gap and continue to fuel the educational goals of our scholarship recipients. We are so grateful for their unwavering dedication and tremendous support of our noble and worthy mission. The American Made line has a history and reputation built on patriotism. From sunrise to sunset, we are able to sleep under the blanket of freedom and safety of our communities, thanks to those who preserve and protect the land that we hold dear.”   It is in that spirit that we are humbled by the opportunity to share our mission with those who support Coffey Anderson, Montana Silversmiths, and The American Made line. May we never forget that freedom is not free!” - Diane Nemecek, Senior Director of Chapter Relations.

The American Made Collection has quickly become one of the best-selling product lines in the 50-year history of Montana Silversmiths. These handmade designs that are crafted in our factory in Columbus, Montana, celebrate silver artistry, innovation, quality, and the world class craftsmanship that is exemplified in our American Made collection of jewelry and buckles.

If you want to learn more about Folds of Honor or if you are inspired to donate to help support their mission, please click here. 


About Folds of Honor 

Folds of Honor is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of US military service members and first responders who have fallen or been disabled while serving our country and communities. Our educational scholarships support private school tuition or tutoring in grades K-12, tuition for college, technical or trade school and post-graduate work, including a master’s degree, doctorate, or professional program. Funds for a second bachelor’s degree or trade/technical program certification are also available. Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has awarded over 51,000 scholarships totaling about $240 million in all 50 states. Among the students served, 45 percent are minorities. It is rated a four-star charity by Charity Navigator and Platinum on Candid. It was founded by Lt Col Dan Rooney, the only-ever F-16 fighter pilot (with three combat tours in Iraq) and PGA Professional. He is currently stationed at Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service Detachment 1, at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. For more information or to donate in support of a Folds of Honor scholarship visit