Jewelry with Arrows – The Symbolism Behind the Powerful Tool

Jewelry with Arrows – The Symbolism Behind the Powerful Tool

Jewelry with Arrows – The Symbolism Behind the Powerful Tool

Arrows have deep symbolism and vital role in history. They represent everything from friendship to war. Arrow jewelry is a powerful and meaningful way to make a statement, whether blatant or subtle.

A short history lesson: the symbolism of the arrow belongs to several different cultures. However, many historians consider American Indigenous peoples as most likely the beginning to honor the arrows impactful meaning as it was such an integral tool of their lives. And while it was naturally considered a tool of war and sustainability of life (as a means for hunting and protection), the arrow was also a symbol of peace, alliance, and other philosophical ideas. For Native Americans, the arrow quite literally meant life.

Over time, arrows have evolved in depth to symbolize even more. They have come to have such significant meaning that they are now added to jewelry, hats, clothing, tattoes, and more.

Ever wonder how many different meanings one symbol can have?  The arrow has lots.
When someone wears an arrow necklace, it could be symbolic of struggle and triumph. A jewelry design that features an arrow being pulled back within a bow can represent tension and struggle. Often, arrows with feathers on the end symbolize liberty and independence in association with birds.

When you see an arrow cuff bracelet, it could mean that person is moving forward or seeks peace. Since an arrow can only go forward when it is shot, the design is often representative of moving forward from something. An arrow being shot from a bow is literally released from its past position and signifying a positive life transition. Or in relation to a compass arrow, it can point forward in a new direction or starting a new chapter in life.

Arrow earrings dangle representing relationships, such as a cupid’s arrow or the crossed arrows that show contrasting friendship.  

Regardless of what your purpose for wearing arrow jewelry might be, its guaranteed to be rich with meaning and add to your jewelry collection that reflects your life and personality. Jewelry with arrows finds a way into your life and stays forever.