30 Under 30 Sister Feathers

30 Under 30 Sister Feathers
30 Under 30 Sister Feathers

Montana Silversmiths is proud to be a founding sponsor for COWGIRL 30 under 30 since its inception in 2019, celebrating the talent in the industry. We believe in the mission, acknowledging corporate executives, professional athletes, media professionals or working cowgirls, helping to shine a light on this vital and talented workforce. Over the years, 30 under 30 has created a network of individuals who serve as mentors and role models for future female leaders.  

One of the foundational relationships born out of COWGIRL 30 under 30 is with 2023 recipient Cheyenne Sparks, multi-talented in many areas from designer to creator of beautiful beadwork. 

Each year, Judy Wagner and Montana Silversmiths present the 30 under 30 class with a meaningful piece of jewelry which contains a personalized story. 
For the COWGIRL 30 Under 30 class of 2024, we collaborated with Cheyenne to create a unique and meaningful piece that celebrates the connected spirit of which the cowgirl sisterhood encompasses.  

Sister Feathers

For our 2024 gift, we leaned into silver artistry to create a Montana Silvermsiths custom hat feather engraved with 30 under 30 2024.  Accompanied by handcrafted beadwork designed to shine a light on the Choctaw culture, Cheyenne provided context on the story behind the design. 

“While each appears similar, no two feathers are identical, just as no two women in the 2024 COWGIRL 30 Under 30 Class are identical.” 
“As feathers work together to lift a bird in flight, so too do we as women in the western industry work together to uplift our community. These "sister feathers" before you represent your connected spirit, both as individuals and as a class.” 

“When you look at them you will notice their similarities but also the special aspects that make them their own. You will also find that on each feather, there is one bead out of place. One bead that compliments the design but doesn't quite fit. That bead is the spirit bead. A reminder that no one is perfect. No one's decisions, actions or journeys can always be perfect. But that doesn't take away from their beauty, it only adds to it.” 
Our hope is that when you wear this feather, you will feel the connection and power of the COWGIRL spirit as it lifts you up no matter where your journey may take you.