Add some additional flair to your day with a Montana Silversmiths Signature Hair accessory. Beautiful silver artistry that has both personality and function. Classic Western designs that work for any occasion is what makes up Montana Silversmiths Signature Hair Accessories collection.

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Create a beautiful hairstyle that stands out from the crowd with one of the lovely engraved silver barrettes or hair clips in the Signature Line from Montana Silversmiths. These gorgeous hair clips are plated with precious metals and studded with semiprecious stones in order to create truly breathtaking silver hair accessories. In addition to the high-quality materials, these hair clips are engraved with beautiful Western-inspired designs. These designs are created by our silver jewelry artisans in order to show pride in our American Western roots. They include symbols and images that are traditionally found in Western décor and accessories. Shop the selection of silver barrettes to find a lovely way to enhance formal or casual hairdos.

Each of the silver barrettes and hair clips in this selection features a special design that was created by one of our jewelry artisans. They’re each engraved with traditional Western-style etchings that resemble the engravings on a cowboy’s belt buckle. Some of the symbols and imagery used in these designs include feathers, flowers and leaves. These hair accessories are also made with high-quality materials, including sterling silver, rose gold and Crystals from Swarovski. Many of these designs feature a brass base with precious metal plating, which adds to their beauty while maintaining their durability and integrity.

Shop the selection to find small silver barrettes with scalloped edges and floral engravings or a rectangular sterling silver- and rose gold-plated hair clip with floral filigree that is meant to represent winding leaves in fall. Create the look of putting a feather in your hair with the silver feather-shaped hair clip that features a rose gold vein running down its center. Rose gold and silver pair perfectly in the two-toned barrette that is meant to represent winding ropes. Add a touch of Southwestern design to your ensemble with a silver- and rose gold-plated barrette with a geometric pattern reminiscent of the Southwest. Opt for classic flowers in your hair with a silver barrette adorned with floral engravings and accented with blue Swarovski crystals. If you prefer a jaw clip hair accessory, choose one of our engraved silver hair clips.