How to Clean and Care For Your Montana Silversmiths Jewelry

How to Clean and Care For Your Montana Silversmiths Jewelry

Keep Your Jewelry Looking Beautiful

 Keep your Montana Silversmiths jewelry looking beautiful for all the special moments in your life. Here are some tips and tricks to properly clean your jewelry to maximize the wear of your favorite pieces. Montana Silversmiths jewelry comes with a protective coating that protects the jewelry. The protective coating is important to keep intact. Once the coating is broken or wears away this can cause the jewelry to tarnish or turn dark.

How to Clean your Jewelry

To care for Montana Silversmiths jewelry products, clean with a 100% cotton cloth. You will want to protect the protective coating that is on the jewelry. Start by wiping the item down with the cotton cloth. This will remove any impurities on the surface from wear. Clean the item thoroughly, if the jewelry is still showing impurities, you can use some mild soap and water to clean the item. Pat dry with a soft cloth making sure to remove all the water and soap.

If Your Jewelry Tarnishes

If your jewelry starts to tarnish or turn dark use the same process to clean the products. Take the 100% cotton cloth with a little elbow grease to remove impurities and any darkening that is on the product. If this does not work, you can use mild soap and a little water on a cotton cloth to clean, then pat dry with a soft cloth. Make sure that you dry the product thoroughly to prevent further tarnishing.

How to Care For Your Jewelry

To keep your Montana Silversmiths jewelry looking nice here are a few things that we recommend.

  • Do not use any jewelry cleaners, silver cleaners, or treated polishing cloths. This is will strip the protective coating of the jewelry and cause the item to tarnish quickly.
  • Keep your jewelry away from water, do not wear it swimming or in the shower, this includes swimming pools and hot tubs. The water and the chemicals in the swimming pool and hot tub will cause the jewelry to tarnish as well as the water and soaps used in the shower.
  • Your jewelry should be the last thing that you put on in the morning. It is important to not spray perfumes, hairspray, or anything similar on your jewelry. The chemicals in these products can cause the jewelry to tarnish.
  • Keep your jewelry away from any abrasive chemicals and materials. This will remove the protective coating on the jewelry and cause the jewelry to tarnish. 
  • If you need to use lotion or hand sanitizer, take your Montana Silversmiths rings off and be careful to not get lotion or hand sanitizer on your bracelets.
  • Store your jewelry away from high humidity areas like the bathroom. The moisture can cause the items to tarnish faster.