Amberley Cowboy Angel

Amberley Cowboy Angel
Amberley Cowboy Angel

Introducing Amberley Cowboy Angel with Amberley Snyder

The journey to create Amberley Cowboy Angel started with a chance encounter and a friendship. The right place and right time sparked the idea to create a tangible gift of meaning. This was achieved by collaboration with Amberley Snyder, a competitor, professional athlete, and motivational speaker. Her strength and character serve as the inspiration for these incredible pieces.

The Amberley Cowboy Angel is a reminder that we can soar beyond restrictions, dream big and know that we are never truly alone.

The necklace and pin both feature a stunning silver-tone sculpted cowboy angel figure. The figure is antiqued to bring out the details and add dimension. The pin is versatile and can be used as a hat pin, lapel pin, or tie tack.

Amberley Cowboy Angel can be given to honor the memory of a loved one, for protection, or to celebrate the angels among us.

The Amberley Cowboy Angel brings comfort and can inspire you to achieve your greatest potential.  

I Spot an Angel

Use #ISpotAnAngel on Social Media and tag us @montana.silversmiths and Amberley @amberleysnyder to show us all the places you take your angel and tell us why you keep your angel close.

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