Sunlit Trophy Hat Feather (4.59"x0.89")

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Stick a feather in your hat! This two tone trophy hat feather is perfect for those important events, special dates and championship wins. Finished with a beautiful two tone of bright silver and rose gold this hat feather adds a striking accent to your hat and outfit. Take your hat feather to the next level by adding up to 23 characters of your choice along the bright silver finished tapered vein of the feather. The barbs of the feather are finished in a rose gold with the overall design mimicking the beauty and irregularity of a natural feather. The corkscrew Montana Silversmiths trademarked fastening system will secure onto most hat bands, with bright-cut engraving design on the curl. Hand-applied paint in the center of the lettering emphasizes the writing.

Here is how to install hat feather.