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8 Item(s)

In 1862, the first settlers discovered gold in around some of the first sites in Montana.  This kicked off a time of epic western adventures where many bold American souls made their fortunes.  At Montana Silversmiths we have created a number of pieces that celebrate and pay homage not only to the rich traditions and histories of the west, but also to the men and women who embrace it today.  Out of this passion comes the Montana Gold collection. Fine silver imbued with ornate gold and complemented by an antiqued look.

Many of the jewelry like the Southwest Midnight Sun Jewelry Set elevate the southwestern patterns and motifs so popular throughout the area, partially based on native designs.  The Southwest Midnight Sun Earrings take the circular shape of a rising western sun crafted of black nickel overlaid with 24 karat yellow gold to create a brilliant outer halo.  The center of the thick golden and black piece contains a vibrant rare black Swarovski Crystal that dazzles whenever it hits the light.  Whether at work or out to a special occasion these earrings or its matching necklace are sure to be a continued eye catcher.

One of the most exciting features of the collection is the 24 karat gold plated, nickel-backed buckle.  A true silver keepsake, it is durable enough to worn to even the most exacting of occasions. Iconically named Catching the Night Scalloped Buckle, emblazoned with a regally soaring eagle, the background contains painstakingly engraved swirling patterns in jet black nickel.  The Gold Eagle emblem in the center flies in stark contrast to the dark background giving it an air of movement.  The details are so minute that one might actually think they are catching a glimpse of a majestic golden eagle snatching a fish in the Montana moonlight.  All this detail is surrounded by an equally glowing 24 karat gold plated, a true stand out heirloom buckle that is sure to delight the bold wearer in generations to come.

Montana Silversmiths is proud to offer the one-of-a-kind silver and high quality metal artisan jewelry and buckles.  We understand the strength and beauty of taking the rugged path.  Just like those bold and courageous pioneers in 1862, who sought gold in the harsh yet stunning nature of the Montanan west, we are up to the challenge of providing timeless silver pieces.  We hope that these signature Montana Gold products accompany you, on whatever challenge you set upon, imbuing you with some of the valor, beauty, and fortitude that has become symbolic of the American West and its inhabitants.

In addition to premier silver women’s jewelry Montana Silversmiths proudly forges and builds men’s buckles, riding accessories, and other finely constructed silver novelties.  We also are enthusiastic suppliers of rodeo competitions and pageants for which our marquee custom silver engraved buckles exemplify the American spirit of sportsmanship and excellence.

Interested in hearing more about the strong western traditions and stories surrounding the Montana Silversmiths brand?  Visit the Montana Silversmiths Blog to hear our voices!  Looking for silver focused design inspirations? Our newest styles and product ideas can be found here, great for gifting and special occasions!