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The West has a style all its own. And so do you. We've taken great care to stay authentic to both with our vast collections to fit any personality.  Our elegant designs include fine materials such as sterling silver, gold, rose gold and copper finishes in the spirit of the true western lifestyle. Each Montana Silversmiths creation is touched by as many as twenty-five caring sets of hands, to ensure exceptional quality. The extra quality delivered by our careful workmanship is just one of the many reasons our products are known as "compliment makers.”  Find the perfect expression of your own good taste – and good living.

Carved Legacy Western Jewelry Collection

Carved Legacy Collection

The Art of Engraving is the purest form of appreciation that we know for our life and landscape. Our signature collection, Carved Legacy, translates the classic details of authentic Western engraved buckles into exquisitely detailed treasures that you can wear. Take a little piece of Montana home with you today!


Woven Lights jewelry collection

Woven Lights Collection

Radiate confidence with these beautiful jewelry treasures embellished with clear bright stones set in unique, organic shapes to perfectly compliment your feminine style.

Western Renaissance Jewelry Collection

Western Renaissance Collection

Connect to our roots and wings with these beautifully detailed representations celebrating our Western heritage. Look for a variety of new jewelry in carved reliefs, like a classic painting, as well as sculpted and engraved blooms with such detail they pop out and strike beauty into the beholder.


Shop the Wildflower Tapestry Jewelry Collection

Wildflower Tapestry Collection

Flowers are always a favorite to wear for women everywhere. Uplift your spirits with these beautifully engraved jewelry pieces, detailed from edge to edge with delicate wildflowers and woven leaves that will forever bloom as bright as the day they were picked.

Celebrate Spring jewelry collection for men and women

Celebrate Spring New Releases

Celebrate the season with these beautifully designed jewelry and buckles, the perfect accents for all your outings and special events this spring season. Attractive prices make this collection a wonderful way to add that extra touch to your gifts for men and women.


Design Collections

Shop Azure Treasures, Blue Opalescent Jewelry

Shop Canyon Colors Collection, Colorful Stones Jewelry

Shop CrossCut Design Collection, Buckles and Jewelry

Shop Dreams Do Come True Collection, with Swarovski® Crystals

Shop Earth and Sky Collection, Inspired by Nature, with blue and turquoise stones

Shop LeatherCut Design Collection, Buckles and Jewelry

Shop Lustrous views Collection

Shop New Traditions Collection, Buckles and Jewelry

Shop Prairie Blooms Collection

Shop River Lights Collection, Sparkling Colorful Stones

Shop Scenes from the Trail Collection, Nature Engraved Buckles and Jewelry

Shop Starlights Collection, sophisticated sparkle jewelry

Shop Wayfarer Collection, symbolizing life's journeys

Shop Western Lace Collection, filigree buckles and jewelry

Shop Wind Dancer Collection, arrow and feather jewelry

Signature Collections

Favorite Made in the USA Buckles & Jewelry

Favorite Made-in-the-USA

Looking for the best of the best made-in-America buckles and jewelry? Start here!