Scholarship Program

$250-$1000 PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Scholarship Essay | Montana Silversmiths

Montana Silversmiths "Pursuit of Excellence" teams up with Montana Silversmiths Preferred Trophy Dealers to award scholarships to college students as a direct result of the Everybody Wins Trophy Program. The "Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship" is an investment in candidates who have a history of self-improvement and a desire to better themselves and their communities in which they live.

This scholarship is unique, in the fact that the recipients are not being rewarded for having the best grades or possessing the most athletic ability, but celebrates the student with a desire to become the best that they can be; individuals that are in the "Pursuit of Excellence."


Who is eligible?

The Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship will be available for high school seniors or current college students who are enrolled in an accredited 2 or 4-year college.


Submission Deadline - August 15
Announcement of Winner -  September 15


Other Rules and Regulations

We will award scholarships on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. Each scholarship is for a one-time use and cannot be renewed. Students can apply once per year.  We will notify the winner by phone.  Upon notification, we ask that the winner also provide a photo with releases to use for publicity purposes.  Students will be required to provide proof of enrollment before scholarship will be awarded.  Their college must be located in the United States of America. Payment is required to be paid directly to the school and must be used for tuition only. The award cannot be transferred to any other student other than the scholarship winner.   Montana Silversmiths reserves the right to post your essay on their website, blog, or any other marketing materials, regardless of it being a winning entry. 


Fill out the form to apply.  Submission must be submitted by midnight August 15th, 2018.