Classic Western imagery and symbolism are reflected in the Montana Silversmiths Attitude Necklaces. These beautiful bold necklaces are perfect for any outfit and budget.  Whether for yourself or a gift these Attitude Necklaces ship quickly in simple packaging.

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Attitude necklaces from Montana Silversmiths are perfect for when you want to change up your style and accessories but don’t have a large budget. These gorgeous statement necklaces are designed to add an eye-catching element to any casual or formal outfit. Each one is also designed with the style of the American West in mind. This means that our expert craftsmen use traditional Western imagery and symbolism to communicate our pride in our heritage through these pieces of jewelry. Because of the attention to detail used to create them, these necklaces feature the same distinctive Western styles that can be found in our premium jewelry. We simply use more affordable materials to craft the final product. The result is a collection of beautiful necklaces that can be added to any wardrobe.

Most of the necklaces in the Attitude jewelry collection are designed to make a bold statement. These large and colorful necklaces can be used to transform any boring outfit into something truly special. Some of the styles in this selection include pendant necklaces, beaded necklaces, chokers and collar necklaces. Each one features its own unique design that has a dash of Western charm. Symbols such as crosses, feathers, Native American squash blossoms and conchos are used to represent the singular heritage of the American West. The long-lasting materials used to create these necklaces include silver-toned metal, gold-toned metal, turquoise resin, white turquoise resin and colored beads.

Some examples of pieces that you’ll find in our Attitude necklace selection include long, opera-length beaded necklaces and pendant necklaces with two-toned feather pendants. Opt for a very trendy style with a choker necklace that includes turquoise filigree. Wear one of our beaded bohemian necklaces to the beach or with a casual floor-length dress. Multi-strand beaded necklaces effortlessly add a pop of color and texture to any outfit. You can also add a bold bit of style with a silver-toned collar necklace that is made up of large turquoise resin stones.