Opal Ribbons Teardrop Jewelry Set

Here at Montana Silversmiths, we love opal. The ancient Greeks believed opals gave their gods the gift of prophecy. They also thought it guarded them against disease. Europeans always considered the gem a symbol of hope, purity, and truth. It is considered the birthstone of people born in the month of October.  In the western world, opal represents happiness, faithfulness, loyalty, and confidence. All those reasons are why we love incorporating it into our jewelry. It sparks different hues in the sunlight. It complements outfit shades, tones, and colors. Opal will always hold an admirable place within our jewelry collections.

This jewelry set holds a zirconia teardrop gemstone in the center accented with blue and green opal cradling it. Wear happiness, faithfulness, loyalty, and confidence with this jewelry set.

Connected Feathered Filigree Necklace

Our Connected Feathered Filigree Necklace is just that - a magical piece of continuous feather dangling from your neck. But to elevate how amazing this piece is, let us talk about filigree itself as the main piece connected to the feather.

Filigree is country-western jewelry must have and main jewelry element for us. Filigree is an intricate form of metalwork that is as old as jewelry itself. It involves laying metal embellishments on top of other metal pieces. It is the process of using pliable precious metal threads and twisting, turning to get the desired filigree look. We always say every buckle has a story. When you think about filigree, which is only a small part of a buckle or piece of jewelry, you can say the same about that small element. Every piece of jewelry has a story, especially during the filigree process.

If you do not have any filigree in your personal jewelry collection yet, the Connected Feathered Filigree Necklace is a subtle yet powerful piece, to begin with.

POW POW Dale Brisby Attitude Belt Buckle

Who is Dale Brisby? He runs the popular YouTube Show Rodeo Time.  He is the Ranch Manager at Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, Ranch Manager at Brightstar Ranch, and CEO of Rodeo Time Inc. "He's known for getting 90 in Maine, Spain, Spokane, and Ala-bame." He is that one friend you say plays too much but you are having so much fun you don't care.

He lives a simple life- ridin' bulls and punchin' fools. He ain't on your time. He does not even really care about time. There is only one time that matters to Dale Brisby - Rodeo Time! He's a lone ranger, a lone wolf. When life hands you lemons, put a bull rope on 'em. POW POW

A fan of Dale Brisby? Then you will appreciate the exclusive, licensed belt buckle collection we carry with all the Dale Brisby vibes. Our Pow Pow Dale Brisby Buckle holds silver script and classically etched filigree to marry Dale Brisby’s brand with the look of classic western buckles.