Nothing Is Impossible Necklace

The Montana Silversmiths Nothing is Impossible Mustard Seed Necklace is the ultimate story-telling piece of jewelry. It is crafted from a piece of a buckle and drew design inspiration from the feminine filigree that fills the backside of our classic western buckles. Simplistic and distinctively crafted, each silver oval design is unique, no two are the same, like snowflakes - each exceptional and distinct.  Adding to its character, this storytelling silver artistry piece is paired with a mustard seed, symbolic of inspiring great things from a small beginning.

As lifelong leaders, we all wear many hats. What we do, how we do it, and what we offer are meaningful with great significance. Our hats are off to each leader in their own way, as we all break trails and make huge impacts.

This silver mustard seed necklace serves as a sweet reminder that we should not judge each day by the harvest, but by the seeds that we sow. We give each second, each moment, each minute, a choice – empowering and supporting great things comes from small beginnings.

A wonderful, thoughtful gift to yourself, someone moving into a new phase of their life or to lift another up and let them know you care.

 Lady of Guadalupe Rippling Waters Buckle 

Texture creates depth. It is the physical feel of something – whether that be a smooth leather belt, a rough coat on a horse, a fuzzy shearling jacket, or a slimy wet dog’s tongue. Sandpaper is gritty. Linoleum is slick. Regardless of an object, it has texture. Texture is a result of a products ingredients. Yes, this all may seem obvious, but if you think about texture, it is the ingredient that makes up our lives. Our lives are texture and physical touch. At Montana Silversmiths, our lives are the silver artistry that is our physical products.

This featured belt buckle was designed and inspired by the natural free flowing texture of rippling water. We call this one the Lady of Guadalupe Rippling Waters Belt Buckle.

It is a classic squared off and rounded in shape. It holds a soft texture that resembles rippling water while it shimmers in the light. Close your eyes and see the suns light bouncing off the water of a river. The design of this buckle emulates that. In the center lays a gold-finished figure of Lady Guadalupe.


Chantilly Western Lace Necklace

Statement jewelry isn’t always delicate. Traditionally, it is chunky and eye-catching. However, our silver artists have mastered the statement look that can be subtle simultaneously. As always, it is an art. Statement necklaces that are not as robust are still eye catching and contribute to personal style in a large way. They are more versatile, become a wardrobe staple, and can accentuate while still making their own statement.

Our Chantilly Western Lace Necklace is as sweet as Chantilly whipped cream. It is the perfect marriage of silver and gold tones. It lays flat and gives your décolleté area depth and effortless style. We drool over this statement necklace that holds filigree with rope twists; the attention to detail is superb.