Your Arrow Buckle with Praying Cowboy

This buckle was inspired by classic western design, a cowboy’s life journey, and bows. 

It is a large, scalloped shape belt buckle with polished etched feathered trim. Silver finished filigree vines flow and curl surrounding a bright gold cut engraved rope to represent a bow with an arrow stretching through. A gold cowboy kneeling by a cross is placed in the center surrounded by even more silver filigree swirls. It sits on a standard 1.5" belt swivel. 

To wear a belt buckle represents so much within yourself. It reflects of your soul, your style, your values, and your character. This buckle displays faith and the daily dedication a cowboy invests into the Lord.  

Imagine yourself as that cowboy. We kneel at the cross in our own ways, daily. The cross on our nightstand, the cross on our rearview mirror, the cross on our tractor. We dedicate our lives to faith. Wear that dedication on your belt buckle.  

Country Road Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Indeed, this bracelet brought us back to home when we first laid eyes on it. It is a classic feminine Western, antiqued silver-finished cuff bracelet. This beauty was designed around the perfectly placed turquoise stone and inspired by long country back roads... Those roads where you can smell the scent of fresh summertime fields, feel the sun’s golden hour on your skin, and hold sentiment in your heart for time as though it’s standing still. Country roads are the places most of us learnt to drive, began hunting gophers, or had our first kiss. Country roads are made of dirt, memories, and are therapy to us.  

It is accented with a contoured oval shape, detailed florals, and brightly cut engraved swirls that drape down it's sides. This bracelet holds the brilliance of softened hand-antiquing and ends with softened points. We like to wear it all different ways: alone, layered, or stacked.  

As the song goes: “Life is old there, older than the tress. Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze. Country roads, take me home. To the place I belong.” 

St. Patrick’s Cross Necklace

The season of shamrocks and leprechauns is back once again. Everything is drenched in a sea of green. Every year the question is asked: Is it Saint Patty’s or Saint Paddy’s?  

The story goes that this holiday began centuries ago as a feast to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It was originally a formal day that transformed, over time, into a more fun-filled day of celebration and revelry. With that transformation, and evolution into a more casual day, came the casual, slang name of St. Patty from St. Patrick. 

Whatever it may be, celebrate the Irish holiday wearing our St. Patrick’s Cross Necklace. It is a heavily antiqued silver finish and adds an air of authenticity to this Celtic inspired cross. Based on a St. Patrick's cross this pendant, it features a center Celtic knot with a cross hatch design on the cross arms with a seeming halo-like circle radiating from the center. This cross necklace hangs on a matinee length 24-inch chain.