Inspired by the hit television series “Yellowstone” by Paramount, Montana Silversmiths' Yellowstone Collection celebrates the hard work of ranching in God’s country. Wear the Yellowstone Ranch Y brand with pride and become part of the family.

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The Yellowstone Collection's buckle was inspired by the television series and its values of a life in nature and the hard work of ranching in God's country. The Yellowstone Ranch Y brand is symbolic of loyalty, struggle, faith, the natural elements of Yellowstone, second chances, and above all, family. 

Branding is an integral part of Montana (and beyond) ranches. Its role in the identification of cattle and crafted uniqueness to generations of families contribute to the richness of so much ranch history. 

The Yellowstone Collection is just one example of Montana Silversmiths' custom brand + logo partnerships. The brands we partner with embody soul, love, resilience, and grit... They embody what we embody. Making brand buckles is easy for us because it is what we do. And, you bet - it is one of our favorite things to do!

The buckle in this collection is silver-finished with traditional, classic western bright cut scrolls - all held together by hints of roped, twisted gold and showcasing the 'Y' in its famous font from the Yellowstone television show.