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Showing 1-48 of 259 items

Montana Silversmiths made its name by crafting high quality silver and trophy buckles, now more than 45 years later our iconic buckles made from silver, and gold, and has set the standard in wearable buckles of distinction. From traditional motifs to bold new trends Montana Silversmiths expert artisans have perfected the art of the buckle through engraving and design articulation beautiful silver design artistry.

Drawing upon the independent and hearty spirit of Native American art and western pioneers, our buckles have intricate engraved scenes and patterns. In buckles like the Christian Cowboy Rope Buckle where a kneeling cowboy and his horse are the finished in pinpoint gold frame. The frame is then surrounded by well-known western plumage scrollwork in brilliant silver. All this detailed design work is the enclosed in silver and black rope pattern reminiscent of authentic lariat rope. The finishing touches are enhanced with hand painted black accentuating the alternating “rope” design and its accompanying gold bulleted corners.

The more modern approach is exemplified in “Girls with Guns Attitude”, edgy buckles that maintain the same precision expected from Montana Silversmiths.  Cast in a white metal alloy base with a strong polymer anti tarnish coat, the design offers a number of details that showcase quality and style. Emblazoned in big letters “Girls with Guns” offers a great silver buckle for riding, shooting, working or just everyday wear for that special cowgirl or woman in your life. Above and below “Girls with Guns” brand text is a signature symmetrical flourishing filigree design that adds grace and detail. This elite polished silver buckle is sure to be durable statement maker. In addition, a 1 year warranty guarantees our promise to making only the best silver wearables.

The flourished silver pattern continues to prove popular in all finishes, for many of our silver and copper items the motif underlies the center image to provide a powerful space for the center silver to shine.  Coupled with a traditional design item it makes for an attractive and timeless presentation. Attention to detail like gold toned filigrees and antiqued or toned rope edging ads to the allure and class feel, in buckles ranging from the Tri-Color Texas Longhorn Attitude Buckle to the Antiqued Ceremonial Oval Attitude Buckle.

For an outspoken and outstanding patriot look the Antiqued God Bless America Eagle Attitude Buckle is sure to draw attention and praise at any occasion. It features a clean waving American flag cast in silver on alloy base. The most striking design on this buckle is the regal bald eagle head on the front with carefully detailed engraved feathers. The exquisite design adds a bit of 3D, as the point where the flag waves has a raised surface to accentuate the movement and eagle in the cast silver.

Since the early days buckles have been a part of the hard-working cowboy’s   clothing and the western identity. At Montana Silversmiths we know the quality and durability of our buckles will continue the legacy of the silver belt buckle being not just a functional piece. We believe the wearer should feel proud of his/her accomplishments and unique style with a personalized and/or handpicked silver engraved silver design. We know that the buckle should rise to the standards of wearer and hope our silver high fidelity designs will meet your exacting expectations for function, fashion, and passion.

In addition to premier silver women’s jewelry Montana Silversmiths proudly forges and builds men’s buckles, riding accessories, and other finely constructed silver novelties. We also are enthusiastic suppliers of rodeo competitions and pageants for which our marquee custom silver engraved buckles exemplify the American spirit of sportsmanship and excellence.

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