Top Five Pick for Earrings

Jewelry is a fun way to express yourself and add embellishment to  any ensemble.  One of the simplest ways to change up an outfit is to change your earrings.  Earrings are generally an easy switch between looks, especially if you are going from one activity to another.

Here are our Top 5 earrings.  Note that this is based completely on our opinion, not our actual top sellers.

These Copper Earth Turquoise Stud Earrings from our Sterling Lane Collection because Hello! Turquoise infused copper is so pretty! Turquoise has always had a special place in the Western lifestyle and copper holds an important spot in Montana’s history with the Copper Butte Mine, so its a wonderful combination with a little bit Montana lore thrown in.

The Double Shine Hoop Earrings are a personal favorite for two main reasons; these are a fun earring with the two rows of sparkling stones that throw off a lot of light and they easily flow between casual and dressy but are small and light enough that you practically forget you are wearing them. 

These Rose Gold Plume Feather Earrings are AH-mazing!  It doesn’t matter who you are, what your style is these earrings will look absolutely wonderful on AND you will receive compliments galore when you wear them.  The best part is that there are two different finishes for this earring one (shown below) of bright silver and rose gold and the other in an antiqued silver finish, you can see it here.

The True Blue Silver Flower Earrings are a true classic that we adore! These earrings are a timeless set that have an elegant reverse kite shape with the bottom floral design having a deep blue stone, like a Montana Sky on the edge of night.  The post back makes the very secure and the way they are joined creates a great movement when you wear them.  One of our favorite things is when you can feel the earrings gently sway as you move your head.


These earrings were just released early this year and they are already in our favorites!  The bright cut engraving really seems to shine in this design, most likely because of the cut rope edging and the Southern Scroll that flows through the interior.  This is a great statement pair!

Thanks for taking the time to look through our Top 5 favorites! Who knows maybe one of our favorites will become one of yours.