The Perfect Marriage: Montana Silversmiths and John Deere

The Perfect Marriage: Montana Silversmiths and John Deere

Montana Silversmiths' John Deere Collection

A collection that holds the ideals of the American dream - John Deere Licensed Product by Montana Silversmiths. 

John Deere belt buckles, John Deere money clips, John Deere watch bands, John Deere pocket watches, and more - all in finishes that hold the feel of Americana with design details, new and past, that create nostalgia for a time gone by. 

John Deere is an integral part of Montana (and beyond) farms and ranches. The company's history is rich in grit and dependability. Their machines live in generations of farming families and have legacies of their own. 

The John Deere Collection is just one example of Montana Silversmiths' brand partnerships. The brands we partner with embody soul, love, resilience, and hard work... They embody what we embody. Making brand buckles, jewelry, and more is easy for us because it is what we do.
And, you bet - it is one of our favorite things to do!