The American Legends Collection by Montana Silversmiths

The American Legends Collection by Montana Silversmiths

Introducing the American Legends Collection by Montana Silversmiths.

Inspired by the resilience of the American legends, this collection of geometric and colorful necklaces and earrings catches the eye of all. 

All of the pieces have inlaid coral, mother of pearl, onyx, and turquoise stones held together by a silver finished base. All of the pieces are trimmed with intricate rose gold roping. Each piece holds its own unique character and is the epitome of statement jewelry. Statement necklaces complete an outfit by itself and shine center stage. Statement earrings dangle with glamour and shine; they hang by themselves or peek out from behind strands of hair.

This collection signifies faith and highlights resilience being the center of it all. It embraces all colors and honors the native art of dreamcatchers, the architecture of native legends' jewelry, and the symbolism that the feather holds. It reflects the love and respect we have for native birds and their role in native life as guides, signs, spirit animals, and symbols of hope + freedom.

Shop the American Legends Collection below and make sure to tag us @montana.silversmiths or #MontanaMoment to be featured in your own styling of the American Legends Collection.  

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