The 2020 Calgary Stampede Poster Buckle

The 2020 Calgary Stampede Poster Buckle
The 2020 Calgary Stampede Poster Buckle

A collector’s piece for a Stampede we will celebrate in spirit. 

Long before you think about attending the next year’s Calgary Stampede, or buying your tickets to the rodeo, the organization is busy planning ways to celebrate the western lifestyle.  Some of these ways are new every year like the exciting additions of relay and side-saddle races in 2018 and 2019. Some of the showcases of western lifestyle are a deep-seated tradition born over the years of the Calgary Stampede history.

The Stampede poster is one of the treasured traditions, a symbol unique to each year of the Calgary Stampede. The poster is developed on the heels of the prior year’s event and the process in 2019 for the 2020 year saw a pool of young artists all contribute their designs.

The winning design was from the youngest poster artist in Calgary Stampede history, Allie Clipperton. The Calgary Stampede worked to document her process as she took us behind the scenes at the rodeo, a fresh new perspective on the many views and sights available at the Stampede.


The final 2020 Poster was revealed.

Here starts the work at Lammle’s Western Wear as the Official Western Wear Supplier of the Calgary Stampede. Lammle’s works hard to bring you Official Calgary Stampede Merchandise to remember your experience.  These items center on the 2020 Calgary Stampede Poster and lend a unique perspective to each year’s assortment.

The most iconic item in any year’s collection is the Calgary Stampede Poster Buckle.

This year started out no different as they began the process of transcribing the poster into another art form, with their partners at Montana Silversmiths.

2020 Calgary Stampede Poster

The process begins with a hand sketch of the poster to ensure the essence of the artist’s vision is captured. It is then combined with the dated Calgary Stampede logo and traditional buckle elements.

A sculptor carves this buckle scene into wax and prepares it for digitization. The buckles are then electroplated in gold and silver and additional styles are cast in bronze and pewter. All buckles are hand painted, polished and buffed by many caring hands on the Montana Silversmiths’ team in Montana.

Wax mold of Calgary Stampede Poster Buckle 2020

The finished product arrives in Calgary, the 2020 Calgary Stampede Poster Buckle.

A unique collector’s piece, commemorating a Stampede that we will celebrate in spirit.

Lammle’s Western Wear won’t be at the Calgary Stampede this year in their usual forms as operator of the CS merchandise locations, Champion Level Sponsor and one stop (multiple) shops for all things western on the Calgary Stampede grounds.

But they will always be owned and operated in Calgary Alberta with stores across Western Canada.

And will continue to celebrate the spirit of the west every day.

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