#TakeASecondLook with Women of the PBR

#TakeASecondLook with Women of the PBR
All the Women of the PBR with TakeASecondLook All the Women of the PBR with TakeASecondLook

Montana Silversmiths partnership with the Women of the PBR celebrates Montana Silversmiths 45th anniversary and the PBR’s 25th anniversary. An invitation for our #TakeASecondLook campaign was extended to women of the PBR who inspire, lead, and often break trail in careers, family, and in fashion. The result of this alliance has taken on a new life of its own, a sisterhood if you will, of creative and special women who are brought together because of PBR and their support of their respective cowboys, but who individually also have impressive, independent careers. This dynamic,versatile group of women have bonded through common interests, sisterhood, and fashion. Montana Silversmiths is proud to be a part of this empowering collaboration.

Find your inspiration as you learn more about them and look through their collections.

Meet the women of the PBR
Caitlin Brooks Caitlin Brooks
Kaitlyn Davis Kaitlyn Davis
Sarah Berger with #TakeASecondLook Sarah Berger with #TakeASecondLook
Fallon Wentz Fallon Wentz
Kate Harrison with #TakeASecondLook Kate Harrison with #TakeASecondLook
Jillian Vieira Jillian Vieira
Aline Frias Aline Frias
Angie Lockwood with #TakeASecondLook Angie Lockwood with #TakeASecondLook
Montana Thurtell Montana Thurtell
T.K. Lawrence with #TakeASecondLook T.K. Lawrence with #TakeASecondLook
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