Summer Fashion Trends – Feminine is IN

Some of the top summer fashion trends are in….the verdict? Romantic, with a blast from the past.  

The three top summer trends seem to be ruffles, floral patterns and fringe.  Fringe has been a trend in the Western lifestyle for several seasons now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  This trend is a wonderful thing because it can go with any of the new summer trends of floral prints and ruffles. In fact any of these trends pair well with the other allowing you to mix and match with ease.  

So how do you accessorize ruffles, flowers and fringe? Easily!


A classic western element, fringe has been a part of the fashion for many years. At times being at the forefront, other times fading from view for awhile.  This trend is extending its reach to earrings, necklaces even bracelets and while fringe is traditionally leather it too is morphing with modern design with metal fringe.

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Take your fringe ensembles up a notch with dangles and more fringe, or compliment with bold, simple pieces, like…

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Floral Patterns

Floral patterns have the benefit of being in used traditionally feminine designs and sleek modern styles.  Just like nature this trend offers floral patterns in all sizes and colors.  Small flowers found in Nature are one of the things that drives Montana Silversmiths designs so we love this summer trend. And some of our newest designed pieces are the perfect complement, whether you are looking for a simple silver finish or something with two tones. 

We recommend:
To accessorize floral pattern outfits, play off the wild and colorful patterns with exquisitely detailed pieces in colorful two-tone silver and rose gold finishes, like…

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This could be our favorite summer trend…..RUFFLES!  And the combination of ruffles and floral patterns well it has materialized in some delightfully fun, romantic flirty clothing.  The plus side to this trend is that your jewelry can be just as fun and sparkling as your personality.   The above photo is the also a great example of the combination of ruffles with floral accents.  Ruffles in jewelry particularly metal jewelry tends to be expressed in swirls and scalloped edges.

We recommend:
To accessorize ruffles, go with bold statement pieces in simple designs, like…

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Tell us your favorite summer trend and show us how you wear Montana Silversmiths with the #iwearmontana on any social posts.  We LOVE seeing how you style it!