Sole to Soul: Faith and Horses

Sole to Soul: Faith and Horses
Sole to Soul: Faith and Horses

Significance of Sole to Soul

We are happy to debut the beautiful and meaningful Sole to Soul necklaces and earrings. The design of these pieces combines two of our favorite things, faith, and horses, in an incredibly significant way.  While the cross is a symbol of faith, the horseshoe surrounding the cross in this collection, is a reminder that faith is intended to strengthen and protect. Just like the horseshoe does for the horse’s sole, and faith does for a person's soul.

The Design

This set features the classic Montana Silversmiths silver artistry. Intricate bright-cut engraving places these pieces apart from the rest. The design stays close to our roots with traditional western engraving in parts of the horseshoe. A silver-tone cross sits in the center as the horseshoe wraps around the cross for the smaller necklace and earrings set. The larger statement necklace included in this collection features a stunning Mountain Glacier turquoise stone in the center of the cross. This collection will be your new go-to jewelry, we are sure of it. Wear it however you like, layer necklaces together, or wear them separately either way they are sure to look amazing and accessorize any outfit seamlessly.

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