Rider’s choice: Horseshoe earrings and necklaces

Horseshoes, are known throughout the Western world as a symbol of luck. Be it good or bad, the idea of luck runs side by side horseshoes. This notion of luck flows outward to all things that have the horseshoe as part of their design, particularly jewelry. 

Lucky or Unlucky?

Depending on who you talk to the direction of a horseshoe determines what kind of luck the wearer/owner is going to have. An upwards U horseshoe is typically thought to capture the luck, like a small bucket. The downwards facing ∩ horseshoe is believed to be an unlucky symbol because it is pouring the luck out however there is a dissenting opinion with some believing that the downwards ∩ horseshoe is lucky because it pours the luck out onto the wearer but this is not a popular notion.

Horseshoes are believed to be lucky for a variety of reasons stemming from the number of nails used to fasten the horseshoe to the metal used in their creation. Seven horseshoe nails are used to fasten on a horseshoe, with the number seven having a lucky connotation. In folklore iron is said to protect one from the Fey and evil spirits and as horseshoes are made from iron they have the same protective properties.

This is why you might see a horseshoe over the top of a entry door to a house; it is said to prevent evil spirits from entering your home. Personally, we like to think that a horseshoe over the doorway gives good luck to all who enter. 

 Horseshoe Designs

From single and triple horseshoes to incorporated into a larger design there are a variety of ways that horseshoes are integrated into our designs. Sometimes the horseshoes are merged in such a way that it takes a second look to see.

From our Sterling Lane Collection our Horseshoe Nail Locket Necklace has a upside down horseshoe that acts as the bale that connects the locket to the chain.

Sterling Lane Horseshoe Nail Locket

Other horseshoe earrings and horseshoe necklaces have more readily seen horseshoes or horseshoes that are easily seen in making a larger design.

Walking in a Creek Horseshoe Earrings Horseshoe Heart Jewelry Set

Some designs like the latter design cradle stones or crosses leading to a more specific symbolism. Horseshoes, crosses and hearts all icons of the Western culture.

 Horseshoe Necklaces

One of the wonderful things about horseshoe style jewelry, especially necklaces, is that they can change so much from necklace to necklace depending upon size, chain attachments, and added charms. in changing the way a horseshoe pendant attaches to a chain. Types of attachments: hanging from each point separately at the heel, hanging from one point at the heel so it’s angled, closed at the heel so it hangs straight from a single point, linked multiple horseshoes.

Horseshoe Earrings

Horseshoe earrings have a feeling of whimsy that really comes across with a dangling style. They swish and sway to your movements lending a sense of fun to your actions.

If you are someone who likes wearing earrings but have an active lifestyle a post horseshoe earring would be best for you. The benefit of the post earring is that you can still have that sparkle and shine while doing the things you love, like trail rides without having to worry about your earrings catching on something. 

Here are some of our favorite horseshoe pieces;

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