Official Licensed Product of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR)

Official Licensed Product of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR)

Every Buckle Has A Story

More than a piece of wearable hardware a buckle tells a story of purpose, passion, and pride.

As famous as the riders who win championship buckles are the bulls they ride have a story to tell and a reputation of their own to uphold.

These PBR bull buckles tell a story of heritage, lineage, attitude, talent, and heart!

Pearl Harbor

This bovine superstar with the black coat and white face contender for 2018 World Champion Buckle Bull. He met every challenger with unimaginable force and power. Raised by Berger Bucking Bulls.

Heartbreak Kid

The Heartbreak Kid is the definition of a rank bull. He has the rare and drop factor! He may spin in the gate or may go a couple right and then left, exceedingly hard to ride. Raised by D&H Cattle company.


A chocolate brown gargantuan, just retired from the PBR has one of the highest average ride scores, ranking No. 8 over all time. Cochise is a 5x PBR World Finals qualifier in a six year career. Owned by Gene Owen/Jane Clark.

A perfect way to tell your story is with your Montana Silversmiths Atitude buckle featuring the PBR bull of your choice. 

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