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Montana Silversmiths is proud of the products that we design and create and our hope is that our customers feel that way too!  That is why this week we are giving away a newly designed and created necklace and cuff bracelet to one lucky reviewer.  See details here.

Every once in awhile we are fortunate enough to get more than a good review, we get a story along with it, so we wanted to share with you one of the latest that has come across our desk.  The following is a word for word review that he left after purchasing our product; a 1850 series belt buckle (shown below).


This is my review of the Montana Silversmiths Men’s Oval Engraved Western Belt Buckle model # 1850 by J. Sawberry (FYI: This is not a paid endorsement and I am not connected with Montana Silversmiths in anyway.)


First off, there used to be a Cowboy TV show called “The Virginian” so I guess cowboys can come from Virginia. And to that effect, I can ride and shoe a horse, have driven cattle on horseback, and can mend fences. I did not come by any of this naturally but I married the Marlboro Man’s daughter and therefore had to learn to “Cowboy up” as they say to help out on Daddy Marlboro man’s cattle ranch taking care of all things “cow” and that’s no bull. (Pun intended.)  So if I don’t qualify to review a cowboy belt buckle, well then no one does! So with that said, let’s kick in the spurs and get on with this review.


I must say the picture of this fine belt buckle does not even come close to the way this buckle looks in real life. This buckle really shines but thankfully it does not have a cheap flashy chrome look. This buckle is a western classic. It has the look of a “mint” new silver dollar. It looks clean and crisp with fine engraving that has nice well cut lines without any sloppiness.


To my surprise it was engraved both front and back with the Montana Silversmith’s logo cut in the center of the back of the belt buckle. It even has a reverse V notch to keep the belt centered on the buckle belt attachment rod/ belt swivel. The rod/ belt swivel is about 1 ½ inches wide (1.5 standard width), the same width as most cowboy belts. Even the attachment hardware is finished in a nice silver color. This simple oval buckle is truly a work of art. The buckle works well for an everyday buckle or a nice understated dress up buckle.


I found the size of this buckle to be to my liking as well. It falls in to what I like to call the “Goldilocks Zone” it’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s Just Right! It measures a hair just under 3 ¾ inches wide by 2 ¾ inches and is about 1/16 in inches thick or about the size of the palm of my medium size hand. (Actual size: Width: 3.625″, Height: 2.625″ and Length: 0.16″) The belt spike/stud – the peg that goes in to the belt hole – is ½ inches long about 1/8 inches in diameter an has a ¼ inch base offset that matches the belt swivel posts height – this lets the buckle ride the same on both ends of your belt. Trust me it is a nice touch. The people at Montana Silversmiths know what they are doing. They get the details right.


Lastly, I am kinda smitten with my new 1850’s western Montana Silversmiths belt buckle. It goes very well with my polished black Justin cowboy boots, my short Outback Drover coat with wool lining and the outstanding Outback Deer-Hunter Oilskin hat. Add to that mix a western shirt, Wrangler jeans and a bolo tie and you are ready for a ride into town for a good time by the way of  dancing, great food and a petty girl. Yeah, it doesn’t get any better that that!
Be it the year of 1850 or 2017 get yourself a Montana Silversmiths belt buckle. You deserve one! ……. if nothing else it helps to hold your pants up…. and No One wants to see your “tightie whities”!

Thank you Mr. Sawberry for your wonderful review we appreciate you!

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  1. THATS SOME REVIEW , I own 6 Rings , 2 necklaces , a pair of earrings and a double heart buckle . The last I road a horse I fell off , was black and blue for a week . I still Love wearing my Silver Jewelry . Thanks for your time . WyNona Monds

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