Montana Silversmiths Presents the Yellowstone Collection Part II - Spring 2021

Montana Silversmiths Presents the Yellowstone Collection Part II - Spring 2021

The Yellowstone Collection Part II - Spring 2021

Fans of the Paramount television series Yellowstone were ecstatic over the release of the licensed Dutton Family Y Brand Buckle earlier this year. At Montana Silversmiths, we like to say that every brand has a story. The story of the Dutton family’s brand is well known to many. The Dutton family’s brand reflects the individuality of their family legacy.

If you're new here, Montana Silversmiths is a proud partner with Paramount's Yellowstone television series. Our teams have been thrilled (and very busy) to create licensed silver and gold finished pieces inspired by the show's Dutton family ranch. The series follows the family's dramatic trials, tribulations, twists, and turns of living in Yellowstone country. The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Belt Buckle displayed the importance of ranch branding and the integral role that brand symbols play in family legacies and ranching history. The licensed buckle was a fan favorite and we heard what the fans wanted: more Yellowstone pieces! 

This spring, enjoy a longer, extensive collection of exclusive Dutton Family Y silver pieces.
Have a friend who is a big fan of the show? Gift them the classic western bolo tie. Treat yourself to the Yellowstone Y brand necklace with the matching cuff bracelet. Surprise your father with the stunning, yet practical, Yellowstone money clip. Add the Yellowstone hair tie to your daughter's collection of hair accessories. 

This extension of the Yellowstone Collection is just another example of how impactful Montana Silversmiths' custom brand + logo partnerships are. They are the ultimate silver artistry pieces. They display a vital western traditon; our brand is who we are. Brands symbolize legacy and the family, faith, joy, compassion, and reflection of struggle that make us, break us, and develop the brand within us. A brand symbolizes what we stand for. Much like the Dutton family, grit, love, and extensive dedication are poured into each brand piece. Telling the story behind the brand is easy for us because it is what we do.

Our Yellowstone Collection of silver pieces is celebrated through meticulous craftsmanship and silver artistry. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do. 

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