Montana Silversmiths Featured Products | June 2021

Montana Silversmiths Featured Products | June 2021

Kristy Titus Let Freedom Ring ID Bracelet

Kristy Titus is a lifelong hunter, angler, and conservation mentor to women and children across the US that aspire to hunt. We love her admiration of the great outdoors, exotic hunting adventures, and, most of all – that she has combined her love of the outdoors with jewelry that holds true to our tenet of jewelry being inspired by the world around us.

To feature one product from Kristy Titus’ Collection is difficult since all pieces hold such great representation of her advocacy and passion. The Let Freedom Ring ID Bracelet is one of our favorites because it is unisex and comes in rich, dark black stainless steelIt is comfortable on in its soft Cuban links, that all lead to the message “Freedom Isn’t Free” reminding us that the sacrifice we pay for freedom is not always as close to us as it is others. It is a great gratitude gift for your favorite soldier or military spouse and is a year-long Memorial Day remembrance of those who have given the ultimate cost for freedom.  

Cowboys of Faith® Heritage Flag Attitude Buckle

“The best sermons are lived, not preached” – Unknown  

The Cowboys of Faith® Heritage Flag Attitude Buckle is a stunning bronze color with roped lining for trim and a praying cowboy in the center. From grandpas and dads to uncles and nephews, this buckle is more than a pretty square that sits at the center of your jeans.  

The Cowboys of Faith® Collection is an individual belief system; it is an extension of your own personal western brand. The Cowboys of Faith® pieces embody those who ride with God. Those cowboys that journey with their Faith on their sleeve, displaying an unrelenting passion for Christ. This buckle is for those who go to work every day for a greater good, a walking example of the cross, and who lean on the power of prayer instead of wishes.     

Horseshoe Pearl Earrings 

Whichever way you spin them, pearls are highly regarded in any style you pair them with. We happen to fancy them with silver horseshoes for western fashion and some country living flair! Pearls symbolize perfection and incorruptibility. They represent long, healthy life and are often considered the moon symbol for their luster and shimmer. A pearl is created from the buried mass of an oyster shell. Much like a lotus, the pearl is born through mud and the dark depths of the ocean to be such beauty and hidden treasure. They embody knowledge and are highly feminine.  

Montana Silversmiths’ take on pearls involves horseshoes with crystals. These pearl earrings are classic, simple, and shiny. Silver-finished and securing from a hypoallergenic post-back wire, they are a horseshoe shape filled with crystals and alternating smooth pearlsThey are bold enough to catch the eye but subtle enough to wear with any outfit; from your favorite summer dress to those trusty ol’ jeans in the field. They were designed with beauty, imperfection, and you in mind.  

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