Montana Silversmiths Featured Products | July 2021

Montana Silversmiths Featured Products | July 2021

Montana Silversmiths Featured Products | July 2021

Connected Faith Heart Ring

The Fashion Your Faith Collection was born when designer Angela Blair had fans ask her where she got her unique purity ring. The ring, which was gifted to her, symbolized faith and a promise of purity she decided to make until marriage. After fan after a fan asked, “where did you get your ring?” Angela began to think, “What if I could create other pieces of jewelry that reminded us of God’s truths for our lives?” From there, Fashion Your Faith emerged. 

This featured product is the Connected Faith Heart Ring finished in gold, wrapped in the purity of love, inspired by unrelenting faith in God. This ring holds deep symbolism. It is clear, crystal zirconia studded, and appears as a heart but has a Christian fish within it when turned sideways. 

The iconic symbol, detailed within the heart, has historically been called the ‘Ichthys.’ This combination represents Angela’s mission to spread the good news of Jesus, ultimately being marked by love. Ichthys is the Greek word for fish, with this symbol being one of the most important early Christian symbols. It was used by early Christians to identify themselves as followers of Jesus and to express their affinity to Christianity. History tells us it was used by early persecuted Christians as a secret symbol of identification because it was not easily identified as a cross. 

This reflection represents Angela's vision to bring the Bible to life in a unique way for girls and women of today. Putting faith over fear, this collection elevates style, voice, and the beauty of life when walking with God's light. 

Romancing the Stone Squash Blossom

Squash blossom symbolism dates back hundreds of years. Necklaces adorned in squash fashion do not have an exact origin, but there is evidence they were designed as a symbol of one’s status, wealth, and cultural belonging. And – the bigger, the better. During the time when the squash blossom design reached it peak popularity, you wore your wealth. You wore your silver and your turquoise for it to be seen. 

Native Americans made this jewelry employing big chunks of turquoise and heavy-gauge silver. The American silver dollar was the medium for most of this jewelry, with two coins being soldered together and manipulated. Turquoise was, and still is, a sacred stone in the southwest since it comes from Mother Earth and originates in places with an arid landscape, representing blue water and the sky. 

We have brought back the squash blossom design, but in our classic Montana Silversmiths way. Wear your wealth. Wear your bigger and better than ever turquoise. As they said, “you’re not part of the west without your turquoise.”

American Cowboy Flag Buckle

It only feels natural to reminisce on the history of the American Cowboy when we see the image of our beautiful buckle.  

Although the original cowboy originated in Mexico, American cowboys coined a style and reputation of their own. Throughout history, their iconic lifestyle has been glamorized throughout books and on screens. But we all know the real life of a cowboy could be rough, lonely, and involve grueling work that was not for the faint of heart. The historic American cowboy of the late 19th century evolved from vaquero traditions of Northern Mexico and became a figure of heroic significance. Whether a wrangler, in rodeo, or in their communities, cowboys were legends and continue to be.  

The buckle we produce is nostalgic for all the cowboys who came before us. The style of the silver finish is shiny and sophisticated with hand-etched, black-outlined stars on either side of the flag. Those stars represent the hand-woven path the original cowboys set to establish heritage and life in the west before us. Holding filigree and an American flag in the center reminds us of the country we cowboys serve. All of our belts have a standard 1.5-inch belt swivel.