Miss Rodeo America 2017 Visit To Montana Silversmiths

Miss Rodeo America 2017,  Lisa Lageschaar, toured the Montana Silversmiths facility today in Columbus, Montana to learn more about the brand and the people behind the brand Montana Silversmiths.  Since 2001 Montana Silversmiths has been a sponsor of the Miss Rodeo America Inc. and each year the reigning Miss Rodeo America is flown out for a photo shoot and a tour of our manufacturing facility to learn more about the company and the process of making the buckles and jewelry that she wears throughout the year.

Every year the role of Miss Rodeo America is held by a gracious and well-spoken talented young woman, and this year is no exception.  Lisa was taken from the very beginning of our design process to the end product.  She met with our Master designer/engraver Justin, seeing his hand sketches that are translated into drawings and crafted into championship buckles and/or beautiful jewelry that can be treasured for a lifetime

Each year we ask Miss Rodeo America ‘What are three things that really stood out to you about the tour and the manufacturing process?’

The three things that caught Lisa’s attention particularly during the tour were the

  1. Process – from pen and paper to the individual process for each piece, with rounds in the furnace to the systematic layering of color and hand buffing and painting.
  2. Figures– the way that each figure is created from an original sculpture, allowing delicate detailing individual to each figure.
  3. Colors– the way that the finishes are applied to the pieces and how the addition of different ones, silver versus rose gold can transform the definition of the piece drawing attention to design details.

When you see Miss Rodeo America at your favorite event this year, be sure to ask her about us!