Make Some Waves Turquoise Jewelry Collection

Make Some Waves Turquoise Jewelry Collection

Make Some Waves with this graceful asymmetrical jewelry collection. This collection pays tribute to the river rock found outside our door, in the Yellowstone River.

Beautifully-crafted each piece is hand-painted to bring out the varied sizes of silver-finished river rock designs. The elegant lines enhance the feeling of movement as the river rushes past accented with a genuine turquoise stone that is hand-cut and polished specifically for Montana Silversmiths.

On the back of this jewelry, you will find Montana's Designers Mark, almost as beautiful as the front of the piece. What is signature to each and every design of a Montana Silversmith bracelet is the uniquely shaped design at the end of each bracelet.

Celebrating the nature that surrounds us there is no better way than to Make Some Waves.

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