January Featured Products

January Featured Products

Untamable Heart Jewelry Set 

This featured product serves as a reminder that no matter how hard we try the heart is truly untamable. Just like a wild horse the heart runs free and possesses a strength that cannot be confined to its form alone. This is what we wanted to capture with this jewelry set. The unique stone gives the illusion of a naturally uneven stone, with a hidden infinity sign helping to bring meaning and context to the piece.

In this set, the compressed turquoise stone is elevated with veins of copper running through it, giving it the look of a rough natural stone, even though it is smooth to the touch, showing that things are not always how they appear. With the heart-shaped stone comes a singularity and sentimental value as each stone is different yet a perfect complement to another, you will never find two the same. A twisted rope that resembles an infinity sign acts as the bail to finish the design and comes with the reminder to never change and to always love with an untamable heart.

Yellowstone Y Brand

As we close out Yellowstone’s fourth season and welcome the new Yellowstone spinoff series, 1883it is time to add something new to this collection as we ring in 2022. The Yellowstone fans have spoken, and we listened. This year we are excited to debut a few jewelry and buckle additions to our popular officially licensed Yellowstone Collection, in partnership with Paramount’s Yellowstone television series, created by Taylor Sheridan. We are premiering a new necklace and earring set featuring the iconic Yellowstone brand.

The featured products are gold pendants that are cut out in the classic Y-shape of the Dutton family brand. The bright yellow-gold finished necklace and earring pendent feature a showstopping bright-cut engraving on the front, adding some western flair. Simple and straightforward these pieces allow for the iconic Yellowstone brand to speak on its own. It doesn’t matter who your favorite character is, whether it’s Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, or John Dutton, or even Jamie Dutton these pieces are the perfect way to show your love of the Yellowstone series.

Cowboy Sh*t Antiqued Buckle 

The world needs more Cowboy Sh*t. Which we can’t disagree with so here at Montana Silversmiths, we figured that the world needs some Cowboy Sh*t buckles too. We are excited to offer new products for the Canadian podcast Cowboy Sh*t hosted by Ted Stovin and Wacey Anderson. The western podcast focuses on the western lifestyle, industry, and sports. The brand is giving back to students by having a portion of product sales going towards the Montana Silversmiths Pursuit of Exellence Scholarship, which co-founder Ted Stovin was a recipient in 2008. On their fifth season and over 100 episodes, we still wait impatiently to hear from new guests and some Cowboy Sh*t from Ted and Wacey.

If you are a fan of the show like we are here at Montana Silversmiths, you will be obsessed with these new products. Starting with our featured product the Cowboy Sh*t Antiqued Attitude Belt Buckle. The Attitude buckle is a classic oval shape. An antiqued silver tone gives it a rustic look, like a worn cowboy buckle. In the center of the buckle “The World Needs More Cowboy Sh*t” is decorated by western filigree and banners. An etched roped trim finishes out the design. The best buckle for all your Cowboy Sh*t.