Introducing the Cowboy Sh*t Collection

Introducing the Cowboy Sh*t Collection

The World Needs More Cowboy Sh*t... 

Cowboy Sh*t was started in 2017 by podcast hosts and western lifestyle personalities Ted Stovin and Wacey Anderson. The podcast and brand aim to create an expanded, worldwide vision of rodeo, increasing awareness of the sport and remaining a part of authentic western and rodeo culture at the highest levels. The Cowboy Sh*t brand believes that to be a meaningful part of the present, it must invest in the future, respectfully avoiding the beaten trail.

We were able to partner with the Cowboy Sh*t brand to create this collection of fun and lighthearted pieces. Including dog tag necklaces and attitude cast buckles, this collection is edgy and loud and we love it. The Cowboy Sh*t brand stays true to its roots in the western community while finding inspiration in the 1960s and ‘70s. This inspiration is reflected in the collection with bold colors and fonts.

This collection is fun and lighthearted but there is also something special here. The Cowboy Sh*t brand is giving back to kids and students. A portion of product sales from the Cowboy Sh*t collection goes to Montana Silversmiths Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship, where Ted Stovin, a Cowboy Sh*t founder, was a recipient in 2008.

We are so happy to partner with the Cowboy Sh*t brand and the opportunity to create something special. Because we agree, the world needs more Cowboy Sh*t.