In Memory of Officer Moore

Our VP of Marketing, Judy Wagner likes to speak about strong ties and how they factor into anything we do personally, professionally, as family, as a company, and as a community.  

Being part of our community, part of our employees lives means that we are tied to them and what effects them, effects us.

In May of this year Officer Mason Moore of Broadwater County was shot down in the line of duty.  The loss reverberated through the community of Townsend, MT and throughout the state.  One of our employee’s brother works for the Sheriff’s Office in Broadwater County, so the loss felt particularly close to home.

From all over the state, law enforcement gathered together to mourn the loss of Deputy Moore.  Meanwhile a buckle was commissioned in remembrance  of Deputy Moore and his service.  

The buckle was specially made for extra significance with a certain number of stones representing Deputy Moore’s  badge number.  The buckle was presented to the Sheriffs office by Jeff & Kristi Kostelecky and is kept in the office.  

After the presentation multiple officers asked for buckles of their own. Montana Silversmiths eliminated a portion of the cost for 11 eleven buckles and a local community member wrote a check for the remainder.  The buckles were presented to the deputies and Jody Moore, Deputy Moore’s wife at the Townsend Rodeo ‘Back the Blue’ Night.  

Buckle presentation to Jody Moore, Deputy Moore’s widow













While our strong ties within our community, state and workplace never lessen a loss they help let us know we are not alone. Montana Silversmiths is incredibly proud to have a part in contributing to the memory of Deputy Moore.

Broadwater County Deputies with their commemorative Moore buckle

You can see more details about Officer Moore and the Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office here in this article