A Heart for Your Sweetheart

It’s the middle of January and you know what that means….Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!  Montana Silversmiths has NEW designs for you that are available right now, so you can get all your Valentine’s purchased and then sit back and watch as everyone else rushes around trying to find the right gift.

Jewelry has long been one of the top three gifts you can give on Valentine’s Day, be it for your sweetheart or someone else.  The other two top gifts are of course, candy and flowers. That’s one of the best things about Valentine’s Day is that it’s not just for a romantic love, it’s for all sorts of love; sibling, parent, child, and friend.

The point behind Valentines Day is to show your love, which is why the symbol of the heart is synonymous with it. Montana Silversmiths 2017 Signature catalog release features some wonderful new heart jewelry designs as well as featuring some previous heart designs that if you haven’t seen you should definitely check out.

traditional heart necklace

These are some of our top picks for hearts this Valentine’s Day because jewelry is one of the top 3 for a reason…people love it! And while these are almost all necklaces we do have heart earrings and bracelets!

Hearts a such a wonderful way to show your affection on any occasion and regardless of the person you are buying it for there is a style of heart for everyone, from a traditional to a modern abstract look.  Let us help you find the right treasured gift for you today.

Heart necklace and abstract hearts bracelet