Glacier Cascade Jewelry

Glacier Cascade Jewelry

Introducing Glacier Cascade

The inspiration for the Glacier Cascade is derived from the gorgeous mountain waterfalls. The combination of a vibrant stunning turquoise stone and the classic Montana Silversmiths silver artistry make each piece breathtaking.

Each piece showcases a stunning Mountain Glacier turquoise cabochon. This stone incorporates stunning blue, green, red, orange, and off-white hues, inspired by the colorful rocks found in Lake McDonald. These pieces combine the finest silver artistry and the eye-catching colors of turquoise, as beautiful as a mountain waterfall cascading down, with crystal clear glacier water that shows the beautiful rocks below. With these pieces inspired by nature, you won't need to worry about matching with a friend. Every Mountain Glacier stone is unique and different. The compressed stone varies, so each piece has colors and characteristics all its own. Every piece in the Glacier Cascade Collection shines with silver artistry. From open-cut filigree to bright-cut engraving these pieces incorporate everything that is Montana Silversmiths.

You won't go wrong with the stunning Mountain Glacier Stone Cascade Bracelet or the Mountain Glacier Stone Cascade Earrings. It gets tricky when trying to choose between the two statement necklaces in the collection, Mountain Glacier Stone Cascade Necklace and Swiftcurrent Glacial Stone Necklace as they are different as they are beautiful. If it gets too hard to decide you can always get them both. 

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