For Love of Horses – Horse Jewelry

For many of us, the most beautiful view of the world is one seen from behind our horses’ ears as we ride and explore our countryside. Whether riding through a babbling spring brook on a well-trodden path or racing around an arena floor for the best time, horses are an integral feature in a Western life. Horses are an occupation that keeps us in the saddle year round.

 Soft velvety muzzles huffing against a hand, ears twitching at each noise, eyes that seem to look through to your soul these are things that touch our souls about horses.  Horses have a certain cultural magic to them that transcends languages. Horse lovers know that the beauty of horses is only matched by the amount of work that comes with owning them.

But that doesn’t change the love and the romantic nostalgia  that surrounds horses and because of that horses and all that is attached to them has a certain cache. Because of that horse jewelry is very popular, there is a wide array of horse inspired jewelry so you can find that piece that speaks to you.

We love our equine counterparts and some of the ways that we express our love for them is to surround ourselves with things, jewelry in particular, that remind us of them.

  • Hearts and horses are a symbols that seem to flawlessly combine horse or horse head icons, such as 

Equestrian Heart Jewelry Set (JS2504)

There is just something about horses and the items associated with them, horseshoe nails for instance are a popular design that can be incorporated into a larger design that might give the impression of a flower but be made of small detailed horseshoes in a pattern (see below).Sterling Lane Horseshoe Nail Locket

Braided Horseshoe Nails Necklace


Another favorite is a horseshoe whether surrounded by a heart or dangling by itself a horseshoe can have a variety of meaning to the wearer, from luck to affection for a horse or simply love of the clean lines of the design.

We celebrate and show our love for horses in a variety of ways from t-shirts, social media memes and in a lasting way through jewelry.  From the first horse to one that is a member of our family; from the idea of escapism, of riding off into the sunset horses will forever hold a place in hearts the world over.  How do you celebrate your love of horses?