Featuring Fallon Wentz with #TakeASecondLook

Featuring Fallon Wentz with #TakeASecondLook
Fallon Wentz with #TakeASecondLook Fallon Wentz with #TakeASecondLook

Fallon is a cowgirl’s cowgirl, whose gentle personality belies her underlying strength of personality that it takes to have reached the level of success she has at her young age and in the male dominated industry as a stock contractor. She began writing pieces for the PBR at the young age of 15 and now has her own blog, as well as her other jobs of stock contractor and full-time student.  Her Montana Silversmiths collection is based on her love of turquoise and belief that each turquoise stone is like a diamond.

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#TakeASecondLook with Women of the PBR #TakeASecondLook with Women of the PBR
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