Easter Sunday with Montana Silversmiths

Easter Sunday with Montana Silversmiths

The Easter story is at the heart of Christianity. 

Easter Sunday holds special memories for us all. 

As a little girl, it was the bright, spring day that you wore a pretty dress, your mother or grandmother's turquoise jewelry, and headed to church to learn about the story of ultimate sacrifice, forgiveness, and resurrection. The day followed with bright, pastel Easter egg hunts and milk chocolate. 

As a little boy, it was the day you tucked your button-down shirt into your jeans. You wore a special western belt buckle, maybe some cowboy boots, and slicked down your hair. You learned about the story of death for love, the ultimate sacrifice, and being born once again. The day followed keeping a keen eye out for those Easter eggs and spending time with family over food. 

As an adult, it is the day you still wear your Sunday best but you reflect on gratitude for family and friends. You reflect on the holiday and the foundation it brings to your life. You go to church and praise the ultimate sacrifice. You make food for your kids, hug your loved ones, and spend the day pretending the Easter bunny brought these gifts, but really it was God. And your faith in him.

Regardless of your memories or faith, Easter Sunday holds a nostalgic place in all of our hearts. Celebrate the day with your loved ones, your faith, some chocolate, and some cross necklaces or cross earrings. Gift your daughter a special turquoise necklace or your son a memorable country-western buckle for the holiday. Surprise them with something from Montana Silversmiths. There is always #SomethingForEveryone.