Fashion Trend Watch: Bolo Ties

From the Old West to 1980’s Rockabilly to current fashion bolo ties are a staple for a wardrobe.  Besides, how can anyone not think fondly of Ducky?

You may have seen them once and thought ‘Huh. Okay’.  But then you start noticing them more and more.  Pretty soon you realize that a bolo tie is pretty cool – one of those fashion accessories that keep coming back around.

Bolo ties, what used to be thought of as a men’s accessory, have become something that both genders have started to wear.

The great thing about fashion is the ability to take an accessory and use it in a way that completely changes how you think of wearing it.

We love this idea as a hair piece!

Fun Facts about Bolo Ties

Bolo ties are also known as cowboy ties or bola.

The word bolo is derived from boleadora  meaning an Argentinian lariat.

There are 3 states in the U.S that the bolo tie is their ‘official neckwear’.

  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Texas

Who knew states had official neckwear?!

And don’t worry about how to wear or use a bolo tie we have you covered!  Check out our How to Wear a Bolo Tie and you will be set!

Fashions may change but bolo ties are here for good.

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