Asking the Question – with a Custom Buckle

It’s a question that is given a lot of thought before it is asked.  The question of ‘Will you marry me?’ is uttered many times each year all around the world.  

And although the words may stay the same for the most part the situation and the way that it is asked is as individual as that couple.

But how to ask the one you love to marry you? 

Everyone wants that moment to be special because it signifies a big change in your personal life, so how to ask?

There are a million different ways, of course but the most traditional is being on bent knee while presenting a ring and asking.  Most want a memorable experience that is romantic and unique to them.  

We have an idea that a unique special way to ask the person you love to spend the rest of your lives together is a custom buckle.  It may seem like an odd idea but what better way to profess your love than to have carefully chosen words engraved onto a crafted bit of metal?

Here are some ideas to get you started; 

A simple yet detailed figure with a sweet message on the back asking if she will.


Use a figure that is symbolic to you two, it doesn’t have to be this couple figure you could do combined initials, like a new brand.  

Maybe the love of your life is a fan of a certain poem?  In the buckle below we used a couple of lines from the ‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’ by Marlowe

We hope that this has given you some fun ideas on how to pop the big question!