A Visit from BuckarooGirl!

Adrian “Buckaroogirl” is a 20 something firecracker who is equally at home in the branding pen, ranch bronc or stage, who burst onto the western music scene at just 14 years old.

While heading to her next performance, she paid us a visit and toured our facility and was astonished at how many steps were involved behind the scenes, that only a select few get to witness.

After a huge hug met with her warm beaming smile, she went right into a story of her sister choosing to spend her first ranch paycheck on a Montana Silversmiths Jewelry Set. We love hearing your stories of how our pieces are engraved into your lives!

At the beginning of her tour, she took a long glance at our American flag that hangs in our production area. She made the comment how she LOVES the fact that we are just as patriotic as she is for the land that she loves!

Adrian noted that it really shows in the quality of each piece and the detail involved in every step. She met a fair amount of our production staff and made a point to ask how long they’ve been with Montana Silversmiths, most have been with us over 10 years.

The local souls that contribute to the story and uniqueness of every piece stunned Adrian. She couldn’t believe how much people power goes into our whole product line and how much integrity and pride that is poured into our pieces. She could correlate the story of our buckles and jewelry with all the dedicated hours it takes to make it to the rancher, teacher, 4H show winner, or where ever your story leads.

We are so excited to be working with Adrian Buckaroogirl so be on the lookout for what we have in the works!

Buckaroogirl by the Montana Silversmiths sign
(Guess who is going to be picking out her favorite pieces for a giveaway!)