A Look with Aymie Kolbaba

A Look with Aymie Kolbaba
A Look with Aymie Kolbaba

Montana Silversmiths is proud to be partners with the PBR and the relationships that form as a result.  Take a quick look with Aymie Kolbaba, wife of professional bull rider Derek Kolbaba, as she speaks to the strength of the relationships within the families surrounding the athletes of the PBR.
It’s a dangerous sport but some things are worth it, especially when the relationships formed from being part of the PBR family give so much

Aymie has a keen eye for western fashion. She is the owner of The Fringed Teepee boutique. She brought her own style and personality to the Montana Silversmiths Women of the PBR photoshoot last spring.

The Women of the PBR have a close bond that is unlike any other. She knows all too well how important it can be to have close relationships and strong ties with the people who know exactly what she is going through.

Aymie Kolbaba - A woman of the PBR Aymie Kolbaba - A woman of the PBR
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