A Christmas Tradition Recipe

A Cranberry Christmas dish

Holidays are a time for friends, family and traditions.  Oftentimes holiday traditions can be something that we can cook.  We have chosen this recipe from one of our family traditions.

Cranberry dishes are a traditional side with a Christmas turkey or ham.  This version of cranberries adds a little twist. It’s a great dish because it tastes delicious and it is easy to make, especially because you can make it in advance and refrigerate it until you are ready to eat and it only takes 5 ingredients.

A Christmas Cranberry dish

Cranberry Salad

1 package (12oz.) fresh cranberries

1.5 cups white sugar

1 large  or 2 small cherry/raspberry jello

1 small can crushed or chopped pineapple

0.5 cup chopped pecans (or more depending on taste)

Cook cranberries in 2 cups water till they soften and a large majority ‘pop’.  Mix remaining ingredients into the cranberry and water till jello and sugar thoroughly dissolve.  Pour into desired bowl and refrigerate until set.  Serve.

We hope you enjoy this recipe and have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a happy New Year!