Contact a Designer Buckle Expert

Please fill out this form to initiate the process for crafting a design buckle. Complete information helps to speed up the handling process. Your information is kept strictly private, and will only be used for the purposes of this correspondence.

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Partners in Design

Building your buckle is a true partnership - it requires a back and forth exchange of ideas to make sure that we get the design just right to fit your vision. There are three parts to this step - developing the artwork, submitting a quote and placing an order.

Step 1: Develop Artwork

3-5 business days - When we receive your design request, our team sets to work right away to develop a drawing of the buckle you describe. After you review a copy of the first draft, you have the option of requesting changes, or giving final approval.

Step 2: Submit a Quote

We cannot know how much it will cost to make the buckle until after the final design is determined. Upon your final approval, our design team will write a quote for the cost of the buckle, and submit it to you for review.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Your partnership in the design process is integral to the success of this project, and half the work is done. Upon review the quote, now is the time to place the order. Upon placement of your order, you will be given an expected date to ship, which is usually about six to eight weeks.

TIP: Use the online Buckle Builder to mock up an image of your ideas. As you walk through the steps, you can right-click and save the preview image of the buckle at any time and save to your computer to share in this form!